At Minecon 2015, Ethan and his parent stayed at a hotel. It took 5 hours to get to the hotel. The next day, Ethan went to find DanTDM/TheDiamondMinecart. When Ethan got to Minecon 2015. And guess who he saw....!!! Squid, Stampy and THEDIAMONDMINECART. Then Squid and Dan leaves :-(! It was getting so late and he still couldn't find Dan. At 2:15pm, he sent a post saying: I'm trying to find @DiamondMinecart at #Minecon2015. Where is he hiding? :-). Then finally he found him and DanTDM signed Ethan's EthanGamerTV shirt, saying DanTDM! :).

The next day, he went to watch Dan battle Stampy in Build Battle on Hypixel Games. Dan lost Stampy, but Ethan loved his exploding creeper building.

Video Edit

Ethan meets DanTDM at Minecon 2015!!! It's EPIC!!!!12:30

Ethan meets DanTDM at Minecon 2015!!! It's EPIC!!!!

Ethan met DanTDM at Minecon 2015. It took a very long time to find him, it was getting so late, then he found him!

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